Unique features

The beautiful SolidScreen Xtra is designed for stucco exterior walls, where the extra space behind the top cover prevents weathering stains. 

  • Screwless side cover
  • Available with semi-circular headbox
  • Additional reinforced headbox mounting
  • Headbox with nylon funnel side guide
  • Integrated bottom slat invisible in open position

Product description

The SolidScreen Xtra is particularly popular on the foreign market. This screen has been specially developed for stuccoed houses. The extra space at the back of the headbox allows airflow between the SolidScreen and the stucco, thereby preventing weather stains. Also, the screen is very suitable as a windscreen and for protection against side lighting on your terrace.

Its beautiful appearance make this screen very popular. As the cover supports of the SolidScreen Xtra are attached from the inside out, no screws are visible on the outside of the headbox. The special narrow bottom slat is not visible when the screen is rolled up. Thanks to the funnel side guide, the bottom slat runs smoothly into the headbox. 

Technical specifications


SolidScreen Xtra

Housing dimensions105 and 125
Maximum dimensions
(w x h)
5000 mm x 3000 mm and 
3000 mm x 5000 mm
Colour of housingMill finish, colour on request
Applicable fabricScreen


SolidScreen types

Besides the SolidScreen Xtra AVZ also delivers the parts for:

SolidScreen Standard                   Numerous types of headboxes
SolidScreen XS                               Extra small side guides
SolidScreen XL                               Widths or heights up to 6 meters   
SolidScreen Niche                         Installable in reveal or cavity
SolidScreen Niche XS                   Niche screen with small side guides