Unique features

Screen for high-rise use with excellent price/quality ratio.

  • Fitted with cord tensioner
  • Spring system for stable bottom slat
  • Suitable for use on high buildings

Product description

By fitting a sturdy cord tensioner and spring system, you can make the Excellent screen windproof. Thanks to these ingenious components, the bottom slat and fabric are kept tensioned in every position, so that the bottom slat does not rattle and the fabric does not blow up. This also makes the screen extremely suitable for high-rise use and in places with high wind exposure. The windproof Excellent screen can be operated manually or electrically.

As an alternative to the Excellent screen windproof, AVZ has developed the SolidScreen. This type of screen is equipped with a zipper technology that can withstand wind speeds up to 145 km/h. 

Technical specifications


Kastvorm Excellent Windvast

Housing dimensions95
Maximum dimensions
(w x h)
3000 mm x 2000 mm and 
2000 mm x 2500 mm
Colour of housingRAL 9010, RAL 9001, RAL 7016, 
RAL 7016 textured, RAL 8019 and silver anodized
Applicable fabricScreen