Unique features

The SolidScreen Niche is the ideal screen system for integration into a niche or alcove.

  • Fitting into niche or alcove
  • Guide consists of 3 profiles
  • Roller and fabric easily removable on the underside

Product description

The main advantage of the SolidScreen Niche is that the headbox is integrated into the facade and thus hidden from sight. The bottom slat is out of sight when the screen is rolled up. Thanks to the addtional funnel side guide, the bottom slat runs smoothly into the headbox. With the SolidScreen Niche, the facade retains a sleek look, whether the screen is open or closed. The SolidScreen Niche can also withstand wind speeds up to 145 km/h (12 Beaufort).

Repair or replacement of the SolidScreen Niche can be done quickly and easily. The side guide consists of 3 profiles and is easy to disassemble, giving convenient access from the underside to the roller and fabric. The SolidScreen Niche is often used in projects.

In addition to the SolidScreen Niche, AVZ has also developed the SolidScreen Niche XS. This screen has narrow side guides of only 4.3 cm.

Technical specifications


SolidScreen Niche(XS) JdB

Housing dimensions123,5
Maximum dimensions
(w x h)
5000 mm x 2000 mm,
4000 mm x 3000 mm and 
3000 mm x 3500 mm
Colour of housingRAL 9010, RAL 9001, RAL 7016 and silver anodized
Applicable fabricScreen


SolidScreen types

Besides the SolidScreen Niche AVZ also delivers the parts for:

SolidScreen Standard                   Numerous types of headboxes
SolidScreen XS                               Extra small side guides
SolidScreen XL                               Widths or heights up to 6 meters   
SolidScreen Niche XS                   Niche screen with small side guides
SolidScreen Xtra                            Screwless side cover