Our product, your brand

AVZ is keen to offer customers support wherever they can. One of the means by which we do so is the ‘our product, your brand’ concept. As an assembler of our systems, you are naturally entitled to associate either your own brand and/or trade name with the system. You can also choose to use the, mostly registred, AVZ trademarks. If you opt to apply these exclusive brands, such as Cubola, SolidScreen and Tibelly, then you benefit from the latest documentation as well as brand recognition. 


In addition to our catalogues, an up-to-date customer brochure is available for almost all systems. These brochures contain both appealing images and all the information that the consumer may require. We are naturally pleased to place these at our customers’ disposal. If required, however, the documentation can also be printed bearing the customer’s own company logo, contact details, and even in their own house style. An overview of our documentation is contained on the downloads page


We would also be pleased to assist you in setting up your showroom. Although we do not supply complete showroom systems ourselves, we are happy to discuss with you the items that would best suit your showroom display and range. Our sales department and your representative can provide you with further information regarding the showroom models available.