Sun protection fabric

Thanks to the one-stop-shop concept, AVZ can meet all your sun protection needs, including the full collection of Tibelly fabric. AVZ supplies the fabric as:

  • Fabric on roll
  • Ready made fabric with or without zipper
  • Fabric on roller

Especially during the high season, the supply of fabric on roller is a popular option. AVZ is happy to take this time-consuming activity off your hands. We saw the steel roller to size, clean it and pull the fabric on the roller. If desired, your order can be combined with other materials ordered. In addition to Tibelly fabric, other fabric collections are available on request.

Acrylic fabric

Acrylic fabric is one of the most commonly used types of fabric, as it is suitable for almost any type of sun protection. Tibelly acrylic fabric meets extremely strict technical requirements and is woven out of solid dyed acrylic fibres. This means that the color is at the heart of the fibre, which ensures exceptional and long-lasting color fastness.

The fabric is made in strips of 120 cm each, resulting in a limited number of visible seams. Use Tibelly Uni XL fabric to give your outdoor sun protection an even cleaner look. This fabric has the same properties as standard acrylic fabric, but is completely seamless.
Tibelly acrylic fabric can be applied in almost any sun protection system within the outdoor sun protection range of AVZ.

Screen fabric

The Tibelly screen fabric collection is woven from fibreglass threads and polyester yarn, giving it a slightly open structure. Thanks to the special PVC coating, the extremely strong yarns have a very long life.

Tibelly Sergé screen fabric fits perfectly in the SolidScreen. The collection includes 40 colours and designs, which can be combined with the cassette and frame colour. Besides Sergé, AVZ also offers Tibelly ecole1% screen fabric. With a less open structure, this fabric therefore provides even better protection against annoying sunlight, making it an ideal fabric for schools and offices, where a lot of digiboards and screens are used.

Tibelly marketing support

Since the establishment of Tibelly in 2000, this fabric brand of AVZ has gained a solid position in the sun protection market. The high-quality acrylic and Sergé fabrics are available in over 127 colours and designs. As a supplier of Tibelly, you also benefit from professional marketing support. AVZ is happy to support you, for example by making marketing materials available.