Unique features

SolidScreen XL, the zip screen for high and large windows.

  • At heights or widths up to 6 metres
  • Maximum fabric area 18 m2
  • Cassette 150 with aluminium supports
  • Double-walled aluminium roller 100 mm with bungs of roller 78
  • With double bearings to ensure stability
  • Aluminium mounting plates for mounting bearing pin and motor

Product description

While large glass surfaces offer an optimal view, the incoming sunlight and resulting heat is often annoying. The SolidScreen XL has been specially developed for this purpose. These screens block annoying sunlight and effectively keeps the heat out of the room, especially in case of large surfaces.

The SolidScreen XL is available with a maximum size of 6 x 3 metres or 3 x 6 metres, while retaining the many advantages of the standard SolidScreen. Depending on the size, the SolidScreen XL's heavy bottom slat can be fitted with double reinforcement to ensure stability and a sleek appearance. The accompanying SolidScreen Xtra side guides provide space between the bottom slat and the facade.

Technical specifications


SolidScreen XL

Housing dimensions150
Maximum dimensions (w x h)6000 mm x 3000 mm and 
3000 mm x 6000 mm
Colour of housingRAL 9010, RAL 9001, RAL 7016 textured and silver anodized
Applicable fabricScreen


SolidScreen types

Besides the SolidScreen XL AVZ also delivers the parts for:

SolidScreen Standard                   Numerous types of headboxes
SolidScreen XS                               Extra small side guides
SolidScreen Niche                         Installable in reveal or cavity
SolidScreen Niche XS                   Niche screen with small side guides
SolidScreen Xtra                            Screwless side cover