Unique features

The SolidScreen Niche XS is mostly hidden from sight after installation in a niche or alcove thanks to the extra narrow side guides.

  • Fitting into niche or alcove
  • Headbox 13,5 mm less deep than SolidScreen Niche
  • Extra narrow side guide made of 3 parts
  • Spindle and fabric easily removable on the underside
  • Easy installation

Product description

The SolidScreen Niche XS combines the advantage of the SolidScreen Niche with the SolidScreen XS. This screen can be built into a niche or alcove and is provided with the extra narrow side guide of the XS screen. The headbox is over 13 cm less deep than the SolidScreen Niche.

It is quick and easy to assemble the headbox of the SolidScreen Niche XS. The cassette can be placed from below in a niche or alcove, after which you can secure it. In case of repair or fabric replacement you can also easily disassemble the side guide, which consists of 3 parts, and carry out the necessary work. The ideal sun protection for both the technician and the end user!

Technical specifications


SolidScreen Niche(XS) JdB

Housing dimensions110
Maximum dimensions
(w x h)

4000 mm x 3000 mm

Colour of housingMill finish, RAL colours on request
Applicable fabricScreen


SolidScreen types

Besides the SolidScreen Niche XS AVZ also delivers the parts for:

SolidScreen Standard                   Numerous types of headboxes
SolidScreen XS                               Extra small side guides
SolidScreen XL                               Widths or heights up to 6 meters   
SolidScreen Niche                         Installable in reveal or cavity
SolidScreen Xtra                            Screwless side cover
SolidScreen Jan des Bouvrie       Unique Dutch Design