Nursing home Campanula


CustomerResec Zonwering
The projectNew build nursing home
AVZ products72x Markisolette Excellent
Date of completionJune 2016


Resec Zonwering of Terborg recently installed the Markisolette Excellent on two new building projects. This exterior sunprotection prevents overheating of the room, as well as protecting the nursing home’s residents from the annoying glare of the sun, while enabling them to continue to enjoy the view outside. As the housing is finished in the same color as the frame, the two merge beautifully as a whole, further complemented by the Tibelly acrylic fabric in Uni Charcoal Tweed T365. The Markisolette Excellent is also available with Sergé screen fabric.

The Markisolette Excellent is ideal for project-based applications, largely due to its highly favorable pricing and high quality. In addition, the system’s sleek housing combines perfectly with the SolidScreen, while it can also be installed in a niche or a cove, therefore merging beautifully into the facade.