Restaurant Het Witte Huis


CustomerVan Vliet Kunststoffen
The projectTerrace roofing without planning permission
AVZ products5x Solidare Pergola, 5x SolidScreen 150 and slot profile Stanza profiles
Date of completionMay 2017


The fact that Van Vliet Kunststoffen installed 5 Solidare Pergolas shows that the Solidare is also suitable for project-based applications. Het Witte Huis restaurant was keen to roof its outdoor space, without having to apply for planning permission. The Solidare Pergola, equipped with the SolidScreen’s zip system, is ideal for this purpose. In addition, this sunprotection offers the flexibility of being able to open the system during fine weather, to enjoy the sunshine. 

This project also involved the installation of the SolidScreen with housing 150, which serves as a windbreak capable to withstand wind speeds up to 145 km/h. As an added benefit, the SolidScreen keeps unwanted insects out. 

A door has been fitted at the side of the terrace, which is connected to the Solidare Pergola with Stanza slot profiles.