Cappuvino bar


ProjectNew build catering establishment
AVZ systems18x Vista Favorite
CompletionOctober 2017


Enjoy a tasty coffee or a glass of fine wine, with a pleasant view of the fish market in Groningen. Cappuvino now offers you the opportunity to do just that. Metaglas recently fitted this three-storey coffee & wine bar with special window frames. By lowering the upper section of the window, one can create a kind of balustrade, thus enhancing the impression of the outdoor life. Of course, the bar also opted for stylish sun protection in keeping with this look, with a view to protecting customer from the sun’s most harmful rays. 

The Vista Favorite drop arm awning was therefore chosen in order to maintain the premises’ impressive appearance. The arms of these stylish awnings were finished in bronze anodised aluminium, thus seamlessly merging with the window frames. In this regard, optimum use of the flounces was also made of the flounce, on which the bar’s name is printed in white, which stands out sharply against the black fabric. The flounces are also weighted, to ensure that the name Cappuvino remains clearly visible at all times.