Terrace awnings – adjustment in the assembly of compact retractable arms

30/6/2022 Product news News overview

Due to an adjustment in the arm joint of our compact retractable arms, from now on they need to be fixed to the canopy support brace with a 45 mm bolt instead of a 40 mm one. The reason for this is the adjustment block – in the new situation, this has become slightly wider and therefore more robust.

As you know, our arm joints are equipped with an “adjustment block”. New developments (more about this soon) have led to a wider block, making the joint a bit more robust. This helps to balance the various forces better and offers more stability and certainty.

Although this adjustment does not offer immediate advantages for our current terrace awnings, we have opted to incorporate this adjustment into all compact retractable arms. By choosing this option, the chance of making mistakes while assembling your awnings is minimised.

What does this mean for you?
The current compact retractable arms will be phased out over the coming period. During this period, you will be able to have both current and new arms delivered as part of the same order. This is because the article numbers and packaging our supplier uses will remain unchanged and you will only see which arms are inside the packaging once you have opened it.

Because the 40 mm bolt is too short for the new arm joint, but the 45 mm bolt can be used in both cases, we recommend that you use the 45 mm bolt from now on for fastening the compact arm to the awning support brace. This also applies to situations when you use the compact arm joint in combination with other retractable arms (the M+ and G+). Both the price and the article number of the retractable arms remain unchanged.