Sustainability – making things sustainable is something you do together!

23/6/2022 Company news News overview

AVZ-Group, which AVZ, SunStock, Hylas, Smits Rolluiken & Zonwering and Sunpoint, are all a part of, has announced that it has been awarded the CO₂ performance ladder level 3 certificate. The CO₂ performance ladder consists of five levels, the first three of which are aimed at the CO₂ emissions of an organisation itself and the last two at the emissions of the entire chain from supplier to end customer.

Cutting down on CO₂ emissions is becoming increasingly important, even in the business world. The CO₂ performance ladder is used to map out CO₂ emissions, which in turn spurs on measures aimed at further reducing emissions. This entails acting in a CO₂-conscious way within our business operations as well as during projects.

Sustainability is in the DNA of AVZ-Group
“As an organisation, we take responsibility for the impact on People (humans), Planet (environment) and Profit (economy ), explains AVZ-Group's Environment & Sustainability Manager Sabine Welman. “To be able to make conscious choices, we introduced a CO₂ management system in 2021. This enables us to map out our annual energy consumption, with the goal of reducing it even further.”

“In 2021, AVZ-Group's total CO₂ emissions amounted to 940.1 tonnes,” Sabine Welman goes on to say. “To offset that, 47,000 trees would have to be planted each year, a clear signal that there is still plenty of potential for further improvement. The goal is to emit 49% less CO₂ by 2025 compared to 2021.”

To accomplish this, AVZ-Group wants to implement a number of measures, such as switching to greener gas and 100% Dutch green electricity, installing smart thermostat controls, replacing gas heaters, preventing heat loss in the production environment, LED lighting, solar panels, replacing the fleet with hybrid or electric vehicles, installing charging stations for electric vehicles and launching a bicycle plan.

“Making things sustainable is something you do together”
“The CO₂ performance ladder certificate level 3 that has been earned is a great step forward in the sustainability policy of AVZ-Group,” states CEO Niels Beerens.

“But we are not there yet and we are aware of the responsibility that we have when it comes to keeping our planet liveable – for ourselves and for future generations. That is why we want to invest in a sustainable future and work on improving the environment. AVZ-Group is keen to do this together with its partners. Have you got any ideas on how we can reduce our CO₂ emissions or work more efficiently? Please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].