SolidScreen in NMD

24/2/2022 Product news News overview

SolidScreen; number one in the National Environmental Database

As of February 18, 2022, SolidScreen is the first sunscreen in the Dutch market that is available in the National Environmental Database (NED). This database contains all environmental product declarations (EPDs) of building materials. Architects use this data to calculate the environmental performance of buildings according to the legally required assessment method environmental performance construction works.

All our types of SolidScreens are now registered in category 1 of the database. This is the highest of the 3 available categories, accurately specifying the environmental performance of products. This will provide architects and other building professionals with the most specific and relevant data that do not have a negative adjustment in the required calculation.

3 categories in registrations NED
The National Environmental Database has 3 categories of product information;

Category 1 is product information based on proprietary data, reviewed by an independent, qualified third party according to the SBK Review Protocol. It is the highest level in the Environmental Database. This data is representative of the specific product and its production process and therefore has the highest reliability. Therefore, when Category 1 data are used, there is no adjustment in the calculation (no uplift factor).

Category 2 is not brand-related information that has been externally reviewed. This data is often compiled by an entire industry or sector, making it less accurate. The data may not represent the product itself, but a type of product.

Category 3 is not brand-related and not externally tested and therefore very generic. Therefore, in the building calculations, a so-called uplift factor must be applied.

Maximum transparency
The registration of SolidScreen products is in accordance with NED (National Environmental Database) 3.0, the latest standard. This includes a wide range of environmental aspects, including energy, environment, health, quality of use and future value.

We will always strive for maximum transparency in providing information about our products. When it comes to aspects such as sustainability, we still regularly see the market using general data about a product category that is not brand-specific. Often data have not been tested by an independent, qualified external party. As a sunscreen supplier, we feel proud to be included in the National Environmental Database with a Category 1 registration. This registration provides full disclosure of environmental aspects and makes it easier for architects, planners and contractors to understand the environmental impact of our SolidScreens.