Solar products

24/2/2022 Product news News overview

Solar’s relationship with the sun
Using the sun to protect against the sun? This is exactly what our SolidScreen Solar and Alulux Solar shutters can do. They are equipped with a Solar panel and Somfy motor. 100% of the power required for operation is generated by the power of sunlight. Cloudy weather? No problem, just daylight is enough for the Somfy Solar panel to open or close the screen or shutter effortlessly.

Five good reasons to choose a Solar product:

No extra power costs
The energy required for control is entirely generated by the Solar panel. Even when it is cloudy.

No additional wiring
Solar products have no external wiring. Ready-to-use is really ready-to-use. No cabling required.

No wall or frame penetrations
No external cabling required, so no need for wall or frame penetrations. No interruption of the cold bridge. Smart and clean installation.

Very easy to install and use
As no wall penetration is required, the customer does not need to be present for installation. Also, our Solar products can be fully integrated into the Somfy eco-system for easy operation.

Sunproof in summer & insulating in winter
Solar products. Keep the heat out in summer. Keep the heat in during winter. Environmentally friendly on several levels.

If you would like more information about our Solar products, please ask your trusted contact.