Unique features

The Gota folding arm awnings is easy to assemble and set. Making it the ideal awning for the self-assembler.

  • Wall mounting hidden from view behind awning
  • Perfect closing thanks to swivel cassette
  • Easy and quick setting
  • Available in many cassette colors
  • Hook system for easy mounting

Product description

Gota is the ideal folding arm awning for both consumers and self-assemblers. You have a choice of more than 6 standard cassette colors to combine with an acrylic fabric as desired. The awning is easy to mount thanks to the special hook system and the wall mount is neatly concealed behind the awning. A real treat for every home!

In addition to wall mounting, the Gota folding arm awning is also very suitable for mounting against a ceiling, in case of balconies, for example.

Technical specifications

TypeClosed cassette
Maximum dimensions
(width x projection)
5500 mm x 3000 mm or
6000 mm x 2500 mm
Colour of housingRAL 9010, RAL 9001, RAL 7016 textured, sepia brown, RAL 9005 textured and silver anodized
Ceiling mounting possibleYes
Minimum and maximum angle wall mounting± 5° to ± 70°
Minimum and maximum angle ceiling mounting± 18° to ± 90°
Available with valanceYes
Applicable fabricAcrylic fabric