Summerlight conservatory awning

Product description

The Summerlight has for years been one of AVZ's successful conservatory awning systems. The fabric slides via the guides over the top of the roof of the terrace roof or conservatory, thereby blocking annoying sunlight. The unique spring technique of the Summerlight keeps the fabric tensioned. Besides the Summerlight system, there is also the Summerlight Verso, which has a downward facing cassette, making it even less conspicuous. 

For extra large sizes there is the Summerlight (Verso) XL. It is also possible to link the Summerlight, which is often used for skylights.

Unique features

Which type of Summerlight is most suitable depends on the application and desired size. A unique spring system keeps the acrylic fabric tensioned under all circumstances.

Electric control is an absolute must for added user comfort. The conservatory awning can even be equipped with sun/wind sensors for automatic control and a pleasant temperature at all times. Remote controls are of course also available.

Alongside the Summerlight range, AVZ has also developed the Solidare conservatory awning system. The Solidare fabric is guided by the zipper technology known from the SolidScreen, which ensures a windproof and durable system. Read on

Technical specifications

Summerlight (Verso)

Maximum dimensions (width x projection)4500 mm x 5000 mm
Colour of housing SummerlightRAL 9010, RAL 9001, RAL 7016 textured and RAL 8019
Colour of housing Summerlight VersoRAL 9016, RAL 9010, RAL 9001 and 
RAL 8019 

Summerlight (Verso) XL

Maximum dimensions (width x projection)6000 mm x 4000 mm
Colour of HousingRAL 9016, RAL 9010, RAL 9001, RAL 7016 textured and RAL 8019