Standard profiles and derivatives

Benefits of AVZ profiles

Our warehouse can supply five-metre lengths of aluminium profile in the standard EN AW 6060 alloy from stock.

  • Mill finish aluminium
  • Extensive stock of anodized aluminium
  • Own processing department can carry out cutting, drilling, punching, etc.
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Often available directly from stock
  • Aluminium wholesaler since 1961

The range

AVZ started selling aluminium profiles in 1961. We now have a very wide and comprehensive range of standard profiles, also known as FLUTZ or commercial profiles. Five-meter lengths of both mill finish and anodised aluminium profiles in the standard EN AW 6060 alloy are directly available from our 28,500 m2 warehouse. In addition to standard profiles, we have a wide range of derivative profiles in stock, such as chair profiles, asymmetrical U-profiles and rail or C-profiles. The profiles supplied by AVZ are used for a wide range of applications. These include 10 km of corner profile for the new stations on Amsterdam’s North/South metro line in, and shop fittings for Hema, Primark, Primera, Eye Wish and Lidl.

Aluminium profiles with an anodized, powder coated or stainless-steel look finish are also available on request. Further information about the range and processing options available, is contained on


  • Flat strip
  • Connecting corner profile
  • T-Profiles
  • Round/square bar
  • Z-Profiles and drip caps
  • H-Profiles
  • U-Profiles
  • Square, rectangular and oval tube
  • Rail and C-profiles
  • Round tube
  • Tube with fabric groove