Solidare sun protection system

20/3/2017 Product news News overview

Solidare, a one of a kind shadow bringer

This is the new multifunctional pergola awning from AVZ. Thanks to its unique design, the Solidare can be fitted as either a veranda awning, a pergola awning or a Cubola freestanding awning.

The other exceptional feature of the Solidare is its fabric, which is guided by the zipper technology developed for our SolidScreen system. This ensures that the Solidare’s fabric is always nice and tight. This technology had never previously been applied in our terrace awnings!

The basic system

The Solidare system serves as the basis for all variants. Although the zipper ensures that the fabric always remains taught, you may also opt to fit the Solidare without the zip technology.

Benefits of zip-guided technique:

  • Completely sealed around fabric prevents sagging sides
  • Fabric sags considerably less, even in larger systems
  • No light ingress between the fabric and side guides

Independent of the application, the Solidare-system can be operated with an electric control, such as a wall-mounted switch, remote control or app. The Solidare is available in different dimensions and colors per type.

The Solidare family

You can apply the Solidare system as:

Read more about the Solidare sun protection in our consumer brochure.
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