CEO Rinus Terhoeve talks about the AVZ-Group and its optimistic view of the future

14/4/2017 Company news News overview

Unity in diversity for the AVZ-Group

It is no secret that the companies that form the AVZ-Group – AVZ, Smits Rolluiken & Zonwering, SunStock and Hylas – occupy a prominent position in the market for sun protection systems in the Netherlands, Belgium, and far beyond. There nevertheless appeared to be some confusion in this regard, as each of the subsidiaries, their internal departments and brands had their own logo, house style and image. This is now about to change, with a view to creating unity in diversity once and for all. 

“In addition to the four aforementioned companies, the AVZ-Group comprises 5 departments, which are known as Reflex, AIB, ZTB, Sunpoint and Caralu; and 4 independent brands, namely Aurora, SolidScreen, Cubola and Tibelly,” Rinus Terhoeve, CEO of the AVZ-Group, explains.
“This has caused some confusion, which we are now going to resolve by introducing both a new logo and house style. This move should make it patently obvious that all the firms, departments and brands are related and belong to the AVZ-Group.”

Not just a pretty face!

The new house style – as significant as it may be – is in itself not the objective of the AVZ-Group. It is actually just part of a comprehensive plan to improve the group in all its facets, while rendering it stronger and more futureproof. Simply giving it a pretty face is therefore insufficient, as an experienced CEO like Rinus Terhoeve is all too aware. “We are keen to promote closer cooperation between the companies and departments within the group, with a view to offering our customers better service in the future.”